Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bihar Legislative Council chairman's booklet hailed

PATNA: In a first, Bihar Legislative Council chairman Tarakant Jha has brought out a small booklet containing number of questions asked by each member in the Upper House during his tenure as chairman (August 2009-till date).
He announced on Wednesday, the concluding day of the budget session, that a senior CPI member, Kedar Nath Pandey, has topped the list of asking highest number of questions (total 1,181) in the House during this period (163rd session to 170).
Jha said that he has decided to introduce more detailed department-wise information (government's reply) during calling attention and zero hour from the next session. This has been done to make the common masses aware about the progress in their respective regions, he said.
"We still do not know about government's action taken report on questions asked during zero hour. We will find out from the government about the progress on zero hour questions," he said. The chairman also sought suggestions from the members.
BJP member Kiran Ghai Sinha welcomed the chairman for his efforts to compile a database of questions in the larger interest of the common masses.
Narendra Prasad Singh (BJP) and Mahachandra Prasad Singh (JD-U) said that there should be a House review committee for the zero hour questions.
Kedar Nath Pandey (CPI) said that some of the questions of the calling attention motion are not being sent to the departments concerned for follow-up action.

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