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Bihari folk music in each of the 14 songs in the movie. " Jiya ho bihar ke lala"-" Gangs of Wasseypur"



"Anurag Kashyap's Gangs opened to average collections and the first day went around Rs 3 crore while the remaining two days of the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) brought in around Rs 7 more making it around Rs 10 crore for the first week end. Made on a budget of around Rs 16 crore for one part including P and A, it is too early to predict the final fate as of now."

The publicity team of 'Gangs of Wasseypur' has left no stone unturned in promoting the film, especially through the social networking sites.
The film has been screened and appreciated at prestigious film festivals across the globe, so the Indian audiences were waiting for its release. However, the response to the film is not as overwhelming as expected.
'Gangs of Wasseypur' had recovered its cost even before its release, and the collection of first three days is apt enough to make it a success, but it's not sweeping the audiences off the feet like 'Rowdy Rathore' and 'Housefull 2'.

Amitabh Bachchan was super impressed by Gangs of Wasseypur which released last Friday. Ever since the actor watched the film, his blog has been flooding with its reviews and strongly recomends the film to each and everyone.
On Friday, the film ran houseful in most parts.
“Quite undoubtedly the moment of the day has been the film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ (GOW), which I have had the great privilege to see. Indian Cinema at its best, honest, stark and as painfully real as possible.
“For one that has been born and lived a major portion of his life in almost similar environment, or at least exposed to it to some degree, I found so much that I could well relate to. And that has led to the authenticity…,” Big B wrote on his blog.

 The reason behind this is a hint of Bihari folk music in each of the 14 songs in the movie. " Jiya ho bihar ke lala" is the song with which well known Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari made a debut in Bollywood music and, thus, has become popular among his fans. This feet tapping, fun-filled number has become all the more popular thanks to the lyric 'Tani auka bauka teen tadoka, tani chandan maati chauka kaathi'.
“Anurag Kashyap has not done any fancy shot taking and allowed the visuals to flow as they would, were one to be living those circumstances in real time,” he wrote.
The film has stellar performances by Manoj Bajpayee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Richa Chadha and Piyush Mishra.
Praising Manoj Bajpayee, the 69-year-old wrote, “Manoj Bajpayee in particular, and of all the artists right down to the smallest in capacity and presence, has been beautifully done. No one looked or performed out of place. They just did enough and that was effective enough.”
“Importantly though, the film GOW touched and expanded on a topic that apart from the blood and gore and the violence educated us on a social issue which most of us may never have heard of. The disparities yes, on more social and moral levels, but also on a factor that concerns religion and the evil that exists within most of the polity even now about it.
“In all a glorious film and one that I would recommend strongly,” he wrote.

. GANGS OF WASSEYPUR showed an escalation in business over the weekend, it was not in sync with the merits of the film. It fared the best in Mumbai and Delhi multiplexes, besides U.P. and Bihar

 As Ashok Gope, a music lover, explained: "Auka bauka is a game played by every kid born and brought up in Bihar and Jharkhand and develops a feeling of affinity among the local listeners."

 The number "womania" gives the taste of traditional wedding songs of Bihar and Mithila in which the families of bride and groom abuse each other in form of songs. "It reminded me of the song that we sang for the bridegroom and his family on my sister's wedding. The lyrics like 'chahe muhjhaunsa jab haath sekaniya, kandha me de nahi ji daant ghusaniya' and the use of words like 'babuna', 'babuniya' and 'kaniya' gives the desi wedding feel", said Madhuri Devi, a 45-year-old housewife.

The high pitched voices of Rekha Jha and Khushboo Raaj, local singers of Patna and Varanasi, make the song livelier and adds to the desi touch.
The number "taan taan to to ti ti ti ti taan" which is not exactly a song but more of Bihari music in a modern avatar with some gibberish lyrics like 'taan taan to to' and 'ka ka ku ku' as a support. This is an experiment by music directors Sneha Khanwalkar and Piyush Mishra and seems to be a hit, too.
The English number "hunter" also has a tinge of Bihar folk music and is the most popular among the youths. Arpit, 25-year-old, said, "It is a lazy but very catchy song and maybe the biggest double meaning songto come out of Bollywood after the legendry number 'Choli ke peeche kya hai' from the movie 'Khalnayak'."
The other numbers in " Gangs of Wasseypur" that have gained popularity are 'Keh ke loonga', 'Manmauji' and 'Bhaiya'.

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